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Christine Croswell


Christine has amazed audiences with her enchanting dancing skills since 1993. Born and bred in Winnipeg Canada, Christine attended Cooks Creek Dance Academy and Ken Peters Dance Express of Canada. While casually winning the Gold medal for Canada at the Worlds Tap Competition, studying ballet and contemporary, Christine experimented with various dance styles like Jazz, Hip Hop, Pointe, Lyrical and Street Dance.


Backed with a passion for travel, Christine took her tap shoes and moved to Prague, Czech Republic, where she met Tereza and that´s where their story began.

Not only is she astounding on the dance floor, she also excels on several aerial apparatuses: Aerial Hoop, Aerial Chains and Aerial Loops. But her true love is for the Aerial silks. 

Her passion for music and dance comes through in her every movement. It truly stunning to watch

Tereza Giurg


Tereza performs with passion and grace, creating an image of effortless on every show. Her professional skills range from Aerial Hoop, Aerial Straps, Aerial Loops and Aerial Silks.

While she has been practicing other apparati conditioning and flexibility, her true passion revolves around the Aerial Hoop (aka Aerial Lyra).

Tereza has recently completed a Judges Certificate for IPSF where she can be a judge in Aerial competitions around the world. With her kindness and expertise of the sport she is the best coach to go for advice.

Tereza and Christine both share the same ardour for rare Aerial Chains, where the pain is rewarded by the vowed audience. Chains are breathtaking and visually stunning. Fluid Solace - something out of the ordinary. 

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